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Do you have great results with Accell™ siRNA? Share your data and save on your next purchase!

Submit your Accell siRNA data to share in our gallery and receive a discount on your next Accell siRNA purchase AND a Starbucks reward!

Accell siRNA has achieved successful gene knockdown in cell types and model systems where conventional siRNA has failed: primary T cells, neurons, lymphocytes, and dozens of others. We want to show off YOUR success in our Accell data gallery! We especially want to see results in cells that aren’t transfectable with conventional methods.

Submissions may include:

  • Microscopy images that demonstrate target gene silencing phenotypes
  • Images of fluorescent-labeled Accell siRNA uptake
  • Graphs or other figures demonstrating target knockdown in difficult-to-transfect cells
  • Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot accept published data figures.

Not ready to share data yet? Learn more about what has already been achieved with Accell siRNA by browsing our list of published references.

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